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Rainbow Warriors by A. Y. Collins

A small boy, a one-eyed monkey, and a three-legged dog- How did these friends become the "Rainbow Warriors?" Follow their adventures as they follow their kind hearts and a bit of magic that brings them to the aid of others along the Rainbow's Path. 
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My Short and Long Pet
My short and Long Pet: Written by Sandy Lardinois & Illustrated by Kris Elletson

Can you guess what this "opposite" pet is? With a game of questions, the choices are narrowed by looking at animal characteristics. Each animal includes an interesting fact.                    
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Getting Even With Steven
Getting Even With Steven: Written by Sandy & John Lardinois & Illustrated by Robin Nelson

"Oh, no!" What a mess! Upset with what Steven did to his room, his big brother thinks of "getting even." However, the goofy rhymes and silly pictures make it hard to be angry for long. When he sees how sad Steven is, he gives Steven a hug and lets him know he wouldn't REALLY do all those things.
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  Deedo and Dido
by Sandy Lardinois, illustrated by Robert Lardinois

Deedo and Dido, two orphaned doves, strive to help their new animal friends – a captive dog, and two goldfish – threatened by a hungry cat. Includes artwork of professional artist, Robert Lardinois,and twelve songs by Gordon Parmentier.  Copyright 1991, Hardcover 9 x 12 ¼ , $2.00; with cassette (narrative and songs) $4.00

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The Funny Tales of a Vintage Youthie

The Funny Tales of a Vintage Youthie


 “... an exhilarating rollercoaster ride over the peaks and valleys ... from youth to adulthood, from her native Philippines ... Hilarious and, at times, outrageous ... an inspiration, a virtual guide on how to live life to the fullest, how to stay young forever, and how to view the world with rose-tinted glasses while feet are rooted firmly on the ground...
                                                  ~Florentina Lim, The Reviewer

 A.Y. Collins described her experiences as effervescent. Yes, reading the book is akin to sipping sparkling champagne. Add the words flamboyant, vivacious, and so real that, time and again, the reader has to remind himself that the journey belongs to the author and not the reader. And, for the author, the music never ends.
                                                  ~TYL, DL, Book Reader

 “... A.Y. Collins fearlessly flaunts and shares her own funny life experiences with strangers. After all, she is a pee-your-pants laughter giver kind of gal! No bones about it ....
                                                  ~Raving Fan Marco John Carlo

 The author’s conversion to her self-described category of being a Vintage Youthie is uplifting. It makes other seniors and elderly who are larger-than-life, like her, feel empowered. She is a true Vintage Youthie who creates magic for people with laughter.
                                                  ~Madame Bea

102 pages

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ISBN 978-1-936499-12-0-6

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   Suggested reading ages: 18+
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Tyler's Tales

Take A Peek Inside
by Tyler Nelson Sivret

Treat yourself to timeless sweeping lessons such as “looks can be deceiving” to the more specific and contemporary “don’t let your kid go to medical school unless you know they’re committed to finishing it.” These nuggets of wisdom are delivered in the ancient fable format of short stories filled with talking animals, mythical creatures, and unfortunate humans. As an added treat, Tyler Nelson Sivret provides a glimpse into his offbeat psyche by sharing his bizarre sense of humor.

The enlightenment found within these pages is appropriate for all ages. It can be shared with friends, families, and, heck, why not, enemies, too.

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Ages: 10 & up

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New Title

"The Perfect Trump Dictionary"
By S.O.S (Save Our Souls)

Here's a new contemporary, quasi-dictionary, non-fiction book bursting with mostly sarcastic humor.

"When Donald Trump started his rise to power as president, his base excused his bad behavior. He exhibited so many bad characteristics, it was appalling and detrimental to America...that’s when I started my dictionary"
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Anomalies --- Pioneering Women in Petroleum Geology: 1917—2017 by Robbie Rice Gries

Definition of Anomaly: A departure from the expected or normal; A geologic feature that is different from the general surrounding and is often of potential economic value.

Anomalies – Pioneering Women in Petroleum Geology: 1917 - 2017 is a celebration of individual courage, tenacity, and professionalism as well as a timely reminder of our past, when male-dominated professions excluded women. The social structure outside this profession amplified the struggle for equality: the inability to vote, the dictate that women should not work outside the home when married, the pervasive practice of lower pay for equal work, the paucity of advancement opportunities, and the lack of recognition in companies and associations. Surprisingly, it spans a stretch of time virtually equal to the time span that men were finally being valued as petroleum geologists. The timeframe began with the period prior to WWI when even a male geologist was looked upon with disdain as having no useful purpose in the search for oil. As geologists gained acceptance, war intervened, creating a vacuum into which the female geology graduate stepped up to the challenge. The women described in Anomalies took the steppingstones necessary to gain respect and become leaders in their chosen field. They are celebrated herein.

Format: Hardcover, 448 pages

ISBN 978-1-936499-39-0;

Cost: $50



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Keywords: Petroleum, Oil and Gas, Geologists, Women in science, Women entrepreneurs, Affirmative action, Women role models, Women managers, Biography, History

The Park

by Robert Garcia


 A few thousand yards to the West of Bear Creek PARK sits the original Jurassic Park.
 A few hundred yards West of Bear Creek PARK, where you’re standing, are Historical Sites of the most recent past.
 A few hundred yards East in Bear Creek Park sits the Story of ‘today’s’ PARK and its people and surroundings.
 Use some “imagination” and “wonder” to find the stump camel, stump humungous beaver, branch poodle, wooden bowl with handle, goose neck on a tree, and more.
 Enjoy the Stone House.

Format: Paperback

ISBN 978-1-936499-10-6



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by S O Nelson

What is the worst possible nightmare for a loving parent? It would have to be the loss of a child.

In Closure, we follow four deceased children who are given an opportunity to visit their earthly homes to bid final farewells, understand their last moments, and, perhaps, help the healing process. In two cases, they help solve the crimes that cost those youngsters their lives.

Richie, almost fifteen when he died in the crossfire of two rival gangs in the 1940s, is the guardian angel traveling with the four "little wings" to help them stick to the cosmic guidelines for their Lasting Love Quests to Earth: no direct contact with loved ones is allowed; however, one mortal can assist each Little Wing; and there is a time limit.

No one knows what Heaven is like, but wouldn’t it be comforting if Closure provided some clues?

Format: Kindle

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approx 239 pages

Keywords: fantasy, Heaven, death, visitation, angels, loss of child, mystery


"Confused" by S O Nelson


This is not a “nice” story. It can hurt, open wounds, or paint a dark, disheartening picture of bullies and their impact. However, it can also assist the healing process, using the same methods as our main characters. The story is fiction; the issues are real.

The day-to-day confusion of growing up is hard enough. But, what would you do if something traumatic happened to you? or, to a friend? Could you count on your friends to stick with you if you were raped? Would they avoid you? Would you support them as they deal with the pain?

Follow the perspectives as two close friends and neighbors, Paxton and Maya, alternately share their feelings, pain, and strengths to help each other deal with rape, sexual abuse, and suicide. The final chapter provides a glimpse into the psyche of one of the perpetrators.

The techniques utilized by the main characters are viable and realistic. Some techniques don’t help and can be avoided.

There are unanticipated surprises in "Confused"; hopefully, some humor as well.

Format: Kindle B0749NLXQK
Cost: $2.99
147 pages
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Keywords: rape, sexual abuse, suicide, incest, bullying