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We offer a variety of contractual services for individuals and companies in need of publishing services. Book development and marketing pieces are our specialty. Below is a sampling of some of the services offered.


Choose the editing that’s right for you:

Proofreading checks the text for basic grammatical and spelling errors, minor word choice, POV, tense (past/present) and continuity. Rates are $0.0125 per word or $20 per hour which includes two readings/second reading at no charge.

Line Editing looks for opening "grabbers," loose ends, and makes sure the story flows properly ($0.05 per word or $25 per hour. For non-fiction, line editing checks for factual errors, defines chapters and paragraphs, and considers the transitions and continuity of the entire manuscript.

Substantive Editing involves rearranging, deleting, adding and rewording of entire pages and chapters.
Up to $0.75 per word or $50 per hour (Ghostwriting/Editing Blend).

If you think you can “write” no wrong, you don’t need me.

Articles:  News and magazine  - .05 per word or $25 per hour
Procedural brochures/manuals/pages  - $20 per hour consulting; $25 per hour writing
Children’s stories - $75 for picture book text
Adult—ghostwriting - $3,000 and up

Print Preparation
Book Layout - $450 (up to ten hours)
E-book format for Kindle - $250
Graphic design for book layout or marketing media:


·         Brochure—double-sided - $200 

·         Booklet  - $25 per page

24-page annual vacation guide from 1996 to 2012 included ads, articles, games, recipes, etc.

Vacation Guide500.jpg